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The Weeknd – After Hours Album Download

's “After Hours” album, released in March 2020, is a dark and introspective project that showcases the artist's emotional depth and vocal range. The album features a mix of genres, including R&B, pop, and synthwave, and it highlights The Weeknd's ability to experiment with different sounds and styles.

The album opens with “Alone Again,” a haunting and moody track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second track, “Too Late,” is a standout track with a catchy hook and layered vocals. The album also includes collaborations with artists like Doja Cat, and a remix of the track “Save Your Tears” featuring Ariana Grande.

One of the strengths of “After Hours” is its production, which is atmospheric and cinematic. The album's sound is cohesive and immersive, and it showcases The Weeknd's ability to create a sonic world for his listeners to get lost in. The Weeknd's vocals are powerful and emotive throughout the album, and he showcases his range and versatility with ease.

Lyrically, “After Hours” is a personal and introspective project exploring heartbreak, addiction, and loneliness themes. The Weeknd's lyrics are honest and vulnerable, and they offer a sense of catharsis to his listeners. The album also addresses social issues, such as fame and its emotional toll, as heard in tracks like “Escape From LA.”

Overall, “After Hours” is a haunting and deeply emotional project that showcases The Weeknd's artistic vision and musical talent. With its atmospheric production, heartfelt lyrics, and impressive collaborations, “After Hours” is an album that has garnered critical and commercial success. Some of the standout tracks from the album include “Too Late,” “Blinding Lights,” “Heartless,” and “In Your Eyes.”

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01. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Alone Again (4:10)
02. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Too Late (4:00)
03. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Hardest To Love (3:31)
04. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Scared To Live (3:11)
05. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Snowchild (4:07)
06. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Escape From LA (5:56)
07. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Heartless (3:18)
08. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Faith (4:43)
09. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Blinding Lights (3:20)
10. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – In Your Eyes (3:57)
11. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Save Your Tears (3:35)
12. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Repeat After Me (Interlude) (3:16)
13. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – After Hours (6:01)
14. DOWNLOAD MP3: The Weeknd – Until I Bleed Out (3:10)

DOWNLOAD The Weeknd – After Hours (ALBUM)

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