Living In Lagos? Here Are The Six Dangers You Might Be Facing

Constant rapid migration from other parts of the nation to , the commercial capital of West Africa has called for concern in some quarters.

This, is mostly due to the ever-swelling population in the state. This continuous drastic influx of persons, alongside other factors has, most times, placed some aspects of life in this state on a knife edge. Below are a few of such cases, as a matter of opinion though.

(1). Soakaways

With such a massive population (over 18 million) concentrated in such a small landmass, a majority of the land owners tend to put space ahead of safety in their plans.

This includes tiny rooms, kitchens, bathroom /toilets, and economising with the space for citing the soakaway. Most build their soakaways in parts of the compound where people walk regularly on them.

This calls for concern as such could be a death trap. You just need to be careful when walking around the compound, as you could be jumping on a soakaway slab.

(2). Armed robbery

Inasmuch as this is no longer a trend, given the efforts of then governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola in lighting up the city, and the continuity seen with Akinwumi Ambode, in that regard, as well as positive security measures being introduced, armed robbery, very brutal ones at that, remains a major challenge in the state.

This reminds one of the festac bank robbery few years ago, where the most painful, as rumoured was a slain woman. It was said that she was lying safely on the floor somewhere in the house in the course of the robbery, but got up to tend to her crying baby, obviously disturbed by the incessant shootings.

She was said to have been hit by a stray bullet. The baby ended up in perfect condition. Robberies generally, are usually brutal in this city, and hence pose a big threat.

(3). One chance

If you are a true Lagosian, this needs no explaining. But for the benefit of non Lagosians, one chance is a set of kidnappers, robbers or ritualists who operate by pretending to be commercial buses and take their unsuspecting victims to an isolated place to conclude the operation.

You need to be mindful of the type of vehicle you board in this city.

(4). Falling Roof/Ceilings

Since tenants are mostly desperate, and hardly have a choice, most land owners fail to properly maintain their properties.

Leaky roofs could, overtime, cause wooden structures of the roofs and ceilings to weaken and one day, collapse on the occupant. You need to constantly assess what's over your head, especially in a persistently leaky roof arrangement.

(5). Accident

Ah, this one seems to be the commonest of them all. Ever heard of a day when there was no accidents at all on the famous 3rd mainland bridge? Then that must be a special day. In this city, once you are on the road, whether as a driver or pedestrian, you need to apply your five senses.

Adhering 100% to the laws of won't be enough. You might be using ‘look left, look right, and look left again', etc in other states, don't feel too confident with that in Lagos.

All your sense organs must ‘pick' like a stabiliser (pun intended) as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone in Lagos, not to talk of being on the roads.

Or you want to use ‘every other driver is a mad man' in Lagos, it won't suffice. Every other drivers could be mad men waiting in front for you, or pursuing you from the back, or sides. Use your five senses.

(6). Generator fume

Due to the minimal space, most generating sets are kept either by the windows, or corridor. This increases the CO level in the air, and can cause death by suffocation, especially with ventilation already poor.


Frustration: if you let the stressful life (aptly described as hustling and bustling) of Lagos to get to you, you might eventually find yourself on the other end of suicide, just because a little child refuses to greet you.

Disclaimer: this wasn't, in any way, put together to discredit this beautiful city though. There are far more positives, if you are talking about Lagos life generally, and that's for another day.

Feel free to add yours in the comment section below.

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