4 Steps To Getting An Amazing Job As A Graduate With 3rd Class Or Pass Grade

The current economic condition in Nigeria has made the job market highly competitive. There are few jobs compared to large number of applicants.

As such, most recruiters have created very stiff requirements for job applications – Maximum of age, NYSC completion, 6 Credits at One Sitting and Minimum of 2.1 class of grade.

It therefore seems that graduates with lower class of grades cannot get jobs.

Highlighted below are steps such graduates can follow to get an amazing job:

1.Humble yourself

I’m not your religious leader and I’m not preaching to you.

This is however, a very great step you must take to start – you must be humble enough to forgive your past, forget your failures, stop blaming your lecturers, accept reality, willing to learn new things from anyone regardless of their age, class or qualification.

2.Assess your passion and capability

There’s a need to assess what you really want to do, what type of job you want and what your capabilities are? Your passion will determine what skills you need to acquire.

3.Search for jobs that place less emphasis on qualification

There are amazing jobs that need your skills and not your qualifications.

Search for these jobs, check the ones that go along with your passion and see what their requirements look like.

4.Get the necessary skills

Having known what they require, do not waste your time, get the needed skills.

If you just graduated, you’re most lucky as you have more time during your NYSC to get these skills. Get the skills, and apply for the jobs.

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